Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bah Aramai Ti my friends...

Bah aramai ti, thank you for your time to explore this Aramai ti site by sabahan people. What is the meaning of "aramai ti"? well its a Kadazans and Dusuns words means to say "Wow enjoy", "Hey Good luck", "Just go ahead!", "Lets party!", " many peoples here" it is really depends to the situations, contexts of the word and the very events on using this words. To translate word by word "Aramai" means many or fun or extravaganza and this things also really depends on the events and the situations on the very time. While "Ti" means this. Usually, this word used by the locals the Kadazans and Dusuns when or while celebrating something such as Kaamatan festival, Christmas, Pesta Bamboo, Pesta Rumbia and many more. They feel excited after having a few glasses of rice wine, they called it the drinks that can talks, or give extra power...hehehe, just kidding :) So i hope you will feel aramai ti while reading my posts later. BAH ARAMAI TI!!!


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